Production process is certified according to ISO 9001:2015

Production procedures of our company could be summarized in the following production stages description:

1. Copper water frame

There is possibility to produce any type of water frame for flat plate collectors: meanders, double meander, harp, double harp etc. Production capacity is 450-550 absorbers per shift. All water-frames are tested one by one for leakage, by applying positive pressure inside, in two consecutive tests, one at 15 bar and the second at 7 bar.

2. Absorber

This the heart of a flat plate collector. Apart of the standard sizes and configurations for solar flame products, customised products can be produced too. The production capacity of 2 automated powerful laser welding units depends heavily on the absorber type and characteristics, between 450-600 units per 8-hour shift.

3. Encasing of the absorber.

The casing is formed, the insulation and rosettes are placed and finally the absorber and top cover is getting in place. This final stage is carried out by our state of the art automated unit, offering great consistency and top quality of glass sealing on top of the enclosure. This station can produce minimum more than 520 units per 8-hour shift and up to 700 units.

4. Collector packaging.

Last station of the production process is packaging. Our new automated packaging station is capable of wrapping 450-650 collectors per 8-hour shift.