solar flame ABL series

Solar Flame ABL series

  • Closed loop systems with enamel tanks

  • Wide range: 32 certified systems from 120lt up to 300lt

  • The same kit can be installed either on flat or slope roof

  • the most efficient solar water heaters in the Greek market and among the best worldwide (source: solar Keymark database, 10/2021)

  • Easy installation

  1. Water storage tank: Consists of cold rolled steel, 2.5mm thick with enamel coated, processed at 860° C, according to DIN 4753 Standard.
  2. Double jacket heat exchanger: Consisting of cold rolled steel, 1.5mm thick, for the function of the closed loop circuit. The jacket is properly formed for resistance to contractions and expansions, during the operation of the solar system.
  3. Thermal insulation: Ecological, incombustible and high-density (>40kg/m³) expanded polyurethane surrounds the water storage tank and jacket for minimum heat loss, maintaining the hot water temperature, thickness 50mm.
  4. External casing: Hot dip galvanized steel, powder coated RAL9006 / marine grade aluminum alloy.
  5. Side flange: Wide opening for easy cleaning of minerals, inspection of the tank and maintenance.
  6. Flange sealing: The flange is sealed with a silicon sealant with high heat resistance.
  7. Cathode protection: A Magnesium anode rod for protection against corrosion and mineral deposits caused by electrolytic reactions.
  8. Heating element: Rated according to the destination country’s local regulations (optional, for the use of electricity as an auxiliary power source).
  9. Safety thermostat (optional, standard only in case that electric heating element is present): With bipolar protection and auxiliary fuse. All electrical components carry a CE marking according to EN 60335-1 and EN 660335-2-21 standards.
  10. Protective cover: Protection of the electrical part.
  11. Cable gland and cable tube: Water resistant passage for the electric element’s electric connections.
  12. Cold Water inlet: Brass BSP male threaded pipe end (3/4” for 250 & 300lt tank and 1/2” for rest). At this connection a 9 bar safety non return valve must be placed for pressure relief.
  13. Hot Water (DHW) outlet: Brass BSP male threaded pipe end (3/4” for 250 & 300lt tank tank and 1/2” for rest).
  14. Jacket inlet: Brass 3/4″ BSP male threaded pipe end. A tee fitting is attached which also provides the filling point for the closed circuit, which must be plugged after filling is done.
  15. Jacket outlet: Brass 3/4″ BSP male threaded pipe end.
  16. 5 bar safety valve connection point: Brass 1/2″ BSP male threaded pipe end.
  17. Jacket vent: Brass, with 1/2” BSP male threaded ends for venting of closed loop. A plug is attached here.
  18. TP inlet: (optional) Brass 3/4” female threaded pipe end for the connection of a temperature and pressure safety valve.

  1. Frame of the collector: Aluminium profile powder coated for maximum protection in seaside areas.
  2. Absorbing surface:  Aluminium surface with blue titanium high selective treatment with high absorption and low emission (α=95%, ε=4%), laser welded on the copper water frame.
  3. Transparent cover: Security-Tempered prismatic solar glass for maximum protection against extreme weather conditions and temperature changes.
  4. Header of water frame: Copper tubes Ø22, which are welded to the vertical tubes with hard silver solder. Each water frame is tested at the pressure of 15 bars. Headers are punched with upper expansion for perfect fitting with vertical tubes and minimum pressure drop in the collector.
  5. Vertical tubes: Copper tubes in diameter Ø8mm.
  6. Thermal insulation: 40mm thick layer of prepressed mineral wool special for solar panels for minimum thermal loss. Thermal conductivity: 0=0.035 W/m°K (EN 13162) and heat capacity 0.84 kJ/kgK.
  7. Back cover: Aluzinc 0,4mm thick. Aluzinc stands for aluminium and zinc, fused in almost equal proportions, as a coating for the steel sheet that is coated with a silvery spangle composed of Aluminium (55%), Zinc (43,4%) and a touch of Silicon (1,6%). Great mechanical strength and 7 times more resistant to corrosion than common galvanized steel.
  8. Sealing materials: For perfect waterproof finish and proper ventilation of collectors casing, all materials used (EPDM, polyurethane sealant, silicon air vents and silicon header flanges) resist to extreme weather conditions and temperature changes.

The collector can be installed on a flat roof or tiled roof.